Turkey Bonanza!

May 11, 2020

TURKEY BONANZA is back until May 17! Description Wing and Buck Hunt Club is a preferred partner of Hunting Matrix. Hunting Matrix matches hunting needs with a preferred partner who has been vetted to ensure they meet the needs of our customers. Hunters looking for locations, clubs, or gear can find what they need through […]


Income for Ohio and Kentucky Landowners through Hunting Lease Management

April 10, 2020

Want to learn more about what Hunting Lease Management companies can do for landowners?


Wing and Buck Hunt Club has added hunting land in Ohio

March 19, 2020

New hunting land in Ohio through 2 new hunting leases were recently added to Wing and Buck Hunt Club recently announced it acquired hunting land in Ohio through 2 new hunting leases, and those properties are being offered to its members. Both are in Perry County, OH and would great hunting spots for a […]


Follow Wing and Buck for Facebook promotions, giveaways, and last-minute deals

March 8, 2020

Wing and Buck posts Facebook promotions, free giveaways of newest hunting gear, and last-minute deals on recent hunting leases if you Like and Follow Wing and Buck Hunt Club Wing and Buck is often asked by small companies to offer our members free products to test and comment on the companies’ Facebook pages. As our […]


Wing and Buck Hunt Club – offers hunting opportunities through leases on self-guided properties

February 28, 2020

Wing and Buck Hunt Club is different than any other hunt club because our members have exclusive-use, self-guided properties available. The Club pools its resources to secure its members hunting land across the United States for opportunities to hunt whitetail deer, turkey, bear, waterfowl, migratory birds, upland birds, small game, predators, etc. We primarily source […]


Professional Hunting Rights Management from Brandt Land Management, LLC

February 22, 2020

Ever wonder what professional hunting rights management really is? Think of it as the forester’s role to a timber company or what a geologist does for a mining company. Hunting rights add value to the landowner, and only through professional management of those hunting rights can a landowner expect to consistently earn annual income while […]


New hunting lease in Tennessee from Wing and Buck Hunt Club

February 18, 2020

Wing and Buck Hunt Club recently acquired a new hunting lease on more than 1,200 acres in Perry County, TN that has been divided up into 4 tracts and available to its members. Two tracts are exclusive-use for private groups of members while the other two tracts are Club Parks with individual passes being issued […]