Income for Ohio and Kentucky Landowners through Hunting Lease Management


Brandt Land Management, LLC is a professional hunting lease management company, working with landowners and hunters.


Currently managing hunting property for landowners in over 12 states, landowners from New York to Oklahoma trust us to generate income and keep their property safe. We have seen large growth in interest in the Ohio and Kentucky markets as hunting lease management opportunities continue to grow. These states are hot spots for hunters for several reasons, including the quality of game, the quality of harvests, and the privacy for hunters.

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Brandt Land Management, LLC attracts high-quality hunters. Our hunters are looking for increased opportunity while avoiding the hassles of hunting public land. As a landowner, you know you are getting the best hunters to lease your property.

Hunting leases in Ohio and Kentucky have been on the rise for a few years. Managing the hunting rights on property can be a time-consuming chore for landowners. But we can take care of that for them. If you own over 1,000 acres, you’re our ideal landowner because our management team can provide a consistent income, without the task of dealing directly with large groups of hunters.

Keith Brandt, Managing Member

Why us?

Having a company like Brandt Land Management, LLC take care of hunting lease management for large landowners takes a huge burden from their shoulders. Brandt Land Management, LLC handles that burden for the landowners while making sure they are burden free and profitable.


Some benefits to professional hunting lease management plans are:

    • Renewable, passive income year-after-year
    • Complete insurance mitigation for landowner and hunter liability risk
    • Complements to other uses of land (farming, timbering, mining, recreation, restoration, conservation, etc.)
    • Proper wildlife management
    • Document procurement and management
    • New hunter sourcing and qualification (,
    • Annual lease-pricing valuations
    • Buffer zones and proper management unit determinations
    • Game population management to healthy levels (including doe management within state structure)
    • Property boundary integrity management
    • Parking area staging for hunters
    • Mandatory parking passes with identification for paid hunters


Brandt Land Management, LLC continues to grow their markets within the coal, timber, energy, and farming sectors. Many landowners are surprised at the amount of annual income that can be generated by having a company professionally manage their land assets. Some companies already have hunting lease management programs that are handled internally or through their own foresters. They are amazed at the income that can be generated by simply having the wildlife resource managed externally by a third party like Brandt Land Management, LLC.


As focus turns to hunting leases in Ohio and Kentucky, Brandt Land Management, LLC can manage any property within the United States. If you are looking to have a company professionally manage hunting leases on your property or know a landowner who would consider having the wildlife on their property managed, request a free, no obligation quote at the Brandt Land Management, LLC website at

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