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Wing and Buck posts Facebook promotions, free giveaways of newest hunting gear, and last-minute deals on recent hunting leases if you Like and Follow Wing and Buck Hunt Club

Wing and Buck is often asked by small companies to offer our members free products to test and comment on the companies’ Facebook pages. As our Club grows, this members’ benefit will grow too.

Wing and Buck offers special promotions on our Club Properties with deep discounts on last-minute deals that the Club recently acquired or wants to fill

Our Club Properties get booked FAST, but every once in awhile, the Club gets a property at the last minute before deer or turkey season. We try to help the landowners put our members on the property, so there are occasions when the landowners authorize deep discounts to be affiliated with our Club. Members are always notified of these last-minute deals via email, but if not taken, then the properties are posted on our Facebook page. Want to be a member? Register here:

Wing and Buck asks our members to test products we are interested in partnering with too

Our members regularly contact the Club about an exciting new product they have used and highly recommend. Often is the case that the Club will buy a sizeable amount of the product and offer it to the public as a free giveaway. We try to keep the product rotation relative to upcoming seasons. Some of the products we have given away for free are:

Our current free giveaway is for some members’ recommended turkey calls:

Stay tuned to Wing and Buck’s Facebook page or search @wingandbuck

How to enter our Facebook promotions and free giveaways is posted on each listing, but you can always be notified of current and upcoming events if you Like and Follow our page.

Remember, Wing and Buck Hunt Club works like a hunting lease you don’t need to work for, and if you connect with us on Facebook at you can also win with Wing and Buck.

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