Professional Hunting Rights Management from Brandt Land Management, LLC

Ever wonder what professional hunting rights management really is?

Think of it as the forester’s role to a timber company or what a geologist does for a mining company. Hunting rights add value to the landowner, and only through professional management of those hunting rights can a landowner expect to consistently earn annual income while mitigating risk and controlling the long-term sustainability of the additional income.

Let’s face it, owning land for whatever primary purpose is expensive to maintain, so collecting income from every non-conflicting source is beneficial in many ways. Brandt Land Management, LLC works with active mine companies, timber companies, large and small farmers, and individual landowners across the USA who each own the land for differing purposes, but the common thread is that each also benefits from the additional source of income that professionally managed hunting rights provide.

How does Brandt Land Management, LLC provide professional hunting rights management?

The best way to answer that question if from start to finish. The process begins with professionally written legal agreements through our network of retained legal counsel. There are several agreement options depending on the size and location of the managed property(s), but the basic tenets of all the agreements are: 1) insulate the landowner from risk 2) proper type of insurance provided at the cost of Brandt Land Management, LLC 3) detail responsibilities of management 4) detail any or all involvement requested by landowner 5) payment structure to landowner.

The process continues to and through sourcing hunters and the proper management of those hunters, which again includes professionally written and maintained legal documents, insurance, marketing, website presence, nationally recognized preferred partner brands, etc.

What are common mistakes landowners may be utilizing now that professional hunting rights management could correct?

The biggest concerns we address are time and income … the time and income lost if a landowner does not currently have a plan in place or the time and income lost if a landowner does but is handling it in a less than professional way.

As an example, many of the timber companies we work with used to have their local forester pull double duty and act as a hunting land tour guide in addition to his primary duties. From a business point of view, the timber company makes more money if the forester is a full-time forester instead of splitting his time showing land to hunters, and on the backside of the operation, the forester did not have the resources to maximize the income from a fair number of quality hunters. Again, this is an example of lost time and income when a plan was already in place.

What we do different is that a landowner can be as involved or uninvolved as much as he chooses while we aggressively seek out the right combination of hunters to maximize the income. Many landowners, upon first partnering with us, want to stay involved in the process, but that never lasts more than a year. After the first year, landowners can calculate their time savings and additional income, so their involvement steadily weans off to remain focused on their primary business. We have found that to hold true for mines, timber companies, farmers, and individual landowners.

What landowners would benefit from partnering with Brandt Land Management, LLC?

Every landowner can benefit through a partnership with Brandt Land Management, LLC. We have programs in place for small northeastern farms to large southern pine tracts and the coal mines in between. No tract is too big or too small for us to consider, and we are 100% upfront with landowners about the reasonable expectations you should have. If you want to proceed after having expectations provided to you, then great. If you don’t, then you can take our advice as it was given.

Who should a landowner contact if interested?

Brandt Land Management, LLC can be contacted by phone at (717) 839-4030 or via its website at

Professional Hunting Rights Management
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