Wing and Buck Hunt Club – offers hunting opportunities through leases on self-guided properties

Wing and Buck Hunt Club is different than any other hunt club because our members have exclusive-use, self-guided properties available.

The Club pools its resources to secure its members hunting land across the United States for opportunities to hunt whitetail deer, turkey, bear, waterfowl, migratory birds, upland birds, small game, predators, etc. We primarily source hunting leases from large property managers, who in turn offer the Club land directly from individual landowners through and including large mining and timber companies. With the pooled resources of our members, the Club can lease huge tracts of land that would be out of reach of most individual hunters.

When we get a new Club property, we offer the tracts to our members in one of three ways: exclusive-use, Club Park – Limited, and Club Park – Trophy.

Exclusive-use properties

Exclusive-use means just that…only the members assigned to the property are allowed to hunt. For example, take a look at NY109-1 in Chenango County, NY: This property can be hunted by a single member up to and not to exceed 8 members. On an exclusive-use property, the Club does not randomly assign members to a property. Whoever books the property is the group’s main contact, and that person is responsible to add his friends and family as part of the group once each is a Club Member. Unlike others, our Club’s exclusive-use properties are to be used only by the Club Members assigned to the property by the group’s main contact…no random strangers (members or not) are allowed to access the Club property.

Club Park – Limited properties

Club Park – Limited properties are exclusive-use properties limited to our Club Members, but the Club assigns which members are allowed to hunt. These are generally large tracts with limited access. We may offer a number of “Passes” to our members for certain dates, and with a “zero guest policy rule”, no one but members with a Club-issued Passes are allowed on the property. This approach is unique to our Club because we recognize that some hunters are willing to go back into the deep hollers of some tracts while others are more comfortable hunting closer to vehicles and access roads. This provides the opportunity in new areas for all of our members.

Club Park – Trophy properties

The last type of property available to our members is Club Park – Trophy. These are nearly identical to Club Park – Limited properties with additional harvest restrictions. The Club has and is gaining more land that we actively manage to improve the quality of game. This type property is reserved for members who wish to harvest trophy animals and are willing to pass up smaller or immature animals.

Wing and Buck Hunt Club is a preferred partner of Hunting Matrix because it works like a hunting lease you don’t need to work for through a combination of unique exclusive-use and self-guided opportunities. Membership is open to the public, so check out the website at:

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